Frequently Asked Questions

What donations are we accepting?

Donations we are in desperate need of:

  • Prepaid Postage Bags – Regular medium & large, Express, small & medium
  • Supplies Donations – Please see our donate supplies page for more details.
  • Monetary Donations – used for everyday running costs
  • Sponsorship Donations – support from businesses
  • Storage Donations – Locations, boxes

PLEASE NOTEWe have stopped the collection of gowns indefinitely. We are doing this so that we can get on top of the donations we have already received. Your generosity has been amazing, we have so many gowns in storage that we are running out of storage room faster than our volunteers can transform the dresses into Angel Gowns.

You can help in other ways: donating money or supplies or by volunteering, or just spreading the word that this service exists for those who need it.

How to donate supplies?

If you would like to forward your donation direct to us; please download and print the Supplies Donation Form, and send the completed form with your parcel to:

AGFAABI Supplies Office
C/o Deb Ruedin
55 Rutley Cr

Otherwise, fill out the form on our supplies donation page and one of our State Representatives will then contact you with directions on how to donate.

What supplies are we most in need of?

Our most needed/used supplies are postage bags, threads, 5mm ribbon, white/cream 8 ply wool.

To see our full list of supply needs please visit our supplies donation page.

What is an Angel Gown?

An angel gown is a dress/romper made for an angel child out of donated wedding dress fabric.

Do you charge for your Angel Packages?

These packages are provided completely free of charge: we are a non-profit organisation. We are able to gift the packages to hospitals, funeral homes and families because of the donations we receive and the support from our volunteers hard work and some very generous Angel freight companies.

When can I see my dresses completed transformation?

As each dress is transformed by our seamstresses they take photos of the wonderful transformations and return them to our various head offices across the country. We then collate the paperwork with the gowns and wraps and send it onto our lovely team of ladies who create hand-made thank you cards for each and every one of you that has donated, and post it out to you. It is around this time that we also create the album on our Facebook page so you can see what has become of your donation.

I have donated a dress, what happens to it?

Once you have donated your dress, your dress will take a little journey to storage where it will sit patiently until its turn comes. All dresses are transformed by date donated. When your dresses time comes,If you have donated a wedding dress you will begin a transformation process. Wedding dresses donated in memory of an angel baby will recieve an Memory Gown when your transformation process has been completed.

Other dresses that are not wedding dresses and are coloured are used as trimmings, overlays or underlays; and are distributed to our seamstresses for this use.

There are quite a number of factors in the transformation process and, depending on the location you have donated, there is a wait on getting the gowns transformed… years sometimes, but with your help spreading our word we might be able to get a few more volunteers to help us.

We can promise you that each and every single article that is donated to us, whether it be a dress, suit, tie etc. will be transformed or be included in a transformation. We can’t give you a time-frame but we can promise it will be done in the order it was donated. Our ladies are all working to the best of their abilities and available time to get transformations completed.

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