I have donated a dress, what happens to it?

Once you have donated your dress, your dress will take a little journey to storage where it will sit patiently until its turn comes. All dresses are transformed by date donated. When your dresses time comes,If you have donated a wedding dress you will begin a transformation process. Wedding dresses donated in memory of an angel baby will recieve an Memory Gown when your transformation process has been completed.

Other dresses that are not wedding dresses and are coloured are used as trimmings, overlays or underlays; and are distributed to our seamstresses for this use.

There are quite a number of factors in the transformation process and, depending on the location you have donated, there is a wait on getting the gowns transformed…..years sometimes, but with your help spreading our word we might be able to get a few more volunteers to help us.

We can promise you that each and every single article that is donated to us, whether it be a dress, suit, tie etc. will be transformed or be included in a transformation. We can’t give you a time-frame but we can promise it will be done in the order it was donated. Our ladies are all working to the best of their abilities and available time to get transformations completed.