ANGEL SPY- Part 2: Who Does What?

‘Boss Lady’ A.K.A. Sarah, Chief Board member and Founder of Angel Gowns for Australian Babies- Sarah’s job is broad. She coordinates all teams, handles paperwork and even sews herself! She is the founder of the organisation and is the ‘mover and shaker’ in regards to registration, finances and all of the organisational stuff.

‘Board Members’- Just like any company, Angel Gowns for Australian Angel babies Incorporated have board of directors. They meet regularly and organise policies, oversee financial matters and ensure that everything is legit and running as smoothly as possible.

‘Area managers/Area representatives’- These angels keep records about dresses and other donations. They ensure all seamstresses and crocheters are active and have enough supplies/dresses to complete their work. They collect, drop off, create packages and post items. They have direct contact with the hospitals. They meet regularly and share feedback about how Angel Gowns is running at a ‘grass roots’ level.

‘Technical Admin’- Angel Gowns for Australian Babies is dependent on technology as a means of communication. The admin ensure that things are running well and moderate communication to ensure it is as professional as possible.

‘Photograph Manager’- Collates and watermarks photographs. They keep a visual record of the dresses, gowns and other parts of the package. They are responsible for posting photos to social media.

‘Volunteer Coordinator’- This person is responsible for adding new volunteers to the group and collating the paperwork which they are required to complete.

‘Social Network Member’- Oversees how Angel Gowns for Australian Babies is represented in social media and in other public relations matters.

‘Keepsake Team’- Create the beautiful keepsakes distributed in our packages.

‘Crochet/Knit Team’- Knit, stitch, knit stitch! They are responsible for creating all of the beautiful knitted blankets, bonnets and beanies you see in our packages. They often donate their own supplies to create the items.

‘Seamstresses’- Sew blankets, bonnets, beanies, booties, wraps and of course, gowns. They not only donate their time but also wear and tear on their machines. Like the crocheters/knitters, they usually donate lots of supplies too! Seamstresses are responsible for photographing dresses and ensuring good record keeping.

Of course, there are other helpers.
Donators, organisations, businesses…

Let’s not forget long suffering family members who put up with and join in the madness. Often they volunteer their time and make multiple generous donations too!

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