Where is my dress?

Wedding dresses, and formal dresses donated in memory of an angel baby. are put in storage until it is their turn to be transformed. Other dresses are used as trimmings, overlays or underlays; and are distributed to our seamstresses for this use.

There are quite a number of factors in the transformation process and, depending on the location you have donated, there is a wait on getting the gowns transformed.

We can promise you that each and every single article that is donated to us, whether it be a dress, suit, tie etc. will be transformed or be included in a transformation. We can’t give you a time-frame but we can promise it will be done in the order it was donated. Our ladies are all working to the best of their abilities and available time to get transformations completed.

If you haven’t yet received a thank you card in the post or seen the album of photos with your name then your donation will still be waiting in the queue.

When will I see photos?

As each dress is transformed by our seamstresses they take photos of the wonderful transformations and return them to our various head offices across the country. We then collate the paperwork with the gowns and wraps and send it onto our lovely team of ladies who create hand-made thank you cards for each and every one of you that has donated, and post it out to you. It is around this time that we also create the album on our Facebook page so you can see what has become of your donation.

How much do your packages cost?

These packages are provided at no charge: we are a non-profit organisation. We are able to gift the packages to hospitals, funeral homes and families because of the donations we receive and the support of some very generous freight companies.